Sunday, 3 May 2009

Cavemen and Stress

Moving house. Trying to move house. Selling a house. Buying a house. Why is it such an ordeal? Now, I understand that there’s very little empathy available for hire in the world today, particularly in areas where so many of us suffer, so I shall not become hysterical and try to steal sympathy. That would be pointless anyway, for when did sympathy ever get us anywhere? I just want to know why everything is such a hassle? No wonder we all get ill.

Many years ago, moving house was easier – that is, if you bothered to do it at all. If you go back even further, thousands of years ago, you simply set up shop wherever took your fancy. No estate agents, solicitors or bankers. No roads, cars, mortgages. No bills, traffic or debts.

What a life

Well, okay, they did have their issues. However, I cannot help but think that cavemen had less stress than we do today. No wonder they are always portrayed as having looked so healthy. Long hair, tans, perfect complexion. Didn’t even need to see a dentist – perfect white teeth.

Easy life

Okay, okay, calm down, I know it wasn’t all smiles in days gone by. In fact, if you really want to know how stressful it could be in yesteryear, perhaps you’d like to read The Silver Knight? Click here to order your copy.

It’s not about a caveman, but all the same, it’s worth a read!

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