Wednesday, 20 May 2009


I was reading an article about the recent high earnings tax on those who receive salaries of over £150k and it seemed that those who were complaining were people who were claiming to be “working class” in terms of their background, only to have worked hard in order to receive such rewards. It seems as if the concept of the working class, and indeed any class, has been shattered by the socio-economic developments of the last three or four decades in which the sixties media push, followed by the eighties entrepreneurial boom and the nineties celebrity explosion and lottery wins have combined to create a new, more complex hierarchy of class.

For the record, I’ve made my own attempt to classify the structure...

Upper Class
Sits at the top of the pile. However, number are dwindling as investments worth a considerable fortune twenty years ago are now running short, whilst the succession of Eton-bred children still scourge the piggy banks for their pocket money to pay for Ferrari’s and champagne breakfasts. Still many tip top characters interspersed with arrogant wretches, but what else do you expect?
The Duke of Westminster , Michael Jopling

New Money Class
Crass, ill-educated, tacky, usually arrogant and rich. They started out in working class families and, via an un-fancied route (lottery win, football, modelling, film or music career, or business venture), they have come into far more money than they can comfortably handle at too fast a rate, creating a monstrous scenario and the inspiration for thousands of idle people throughout the Kingdom.
Roman Abramovich, David Beckham, Jordan

A sub-pocket of this class includes the self-righteous new money (aka JK Rowling, and the Body Shop woman)

The Workers Class
Anyone who works full time and is not a millionaire
You, me and some others

The Working Class
Still sitting near the bottom and, like the upper class, dwindling in number. Such communities can still be found in the industrial areas of inner-cities. Yes, they may spend all their disposable income at the pub or on tabloid newspapers, but at least they earn it!
John Smith, John Brown, Big Al – you get the picture

Idle Class
A growing market – (someone should tell Sir Alan Sugar and then he might reduce the size of his donations to the Labour party). Benefit fraudsters, chavs, drug dealers, pimps, these people thrive off Jeremy Kyle, Heat magazine and the European Court of Human Rights for their inspiration
Most Big Brother Contestants

You may have some suggestions of your own?


  1. What about students and the elderly?

  2. Students, it has been said (and I have been a student) have no class, whilst the elderly are beyond class. I think if you get to a certain age, what other people may think of you becomes, largely speaking, of extraneous importance...

  3. hmm... what I think would be an interesting extension on this is to look at the sub categories such as 'Second Generation New Money Class' or even better 'Second Generation Self-Righteous New Money Class' think Peaches Geldof!