Wednesday, 17 June 2009

Biased News Reporting & Conspiracy Theories...

It has been a gripe of mine for quite some time (that rhymes...) that the television licence fee provides the BBC with not only a free reign on multimedia resource, but a voice for the socialist state of Britain.

There was a time when the BBC were an impartial broadcasting organisation, whose motives were pure and whose aspirations were only to achieve broadcasting excellence. Such times have vanished. Now, in its place, lies a bloated, self-congratulatory and rather feeble excuse for a broadcaster, with impotent ability when it comes to securing new talent, producing programmes and bidding for top sporting events and a worrying predilection for Labour back-slapping.

Nick Robison, Andrew Marr, Jeremy Paxman, David Dimbleby – you name it, they’re socialist. The direction comes from the top – their motive? Simply to retain the current Labour government, through whom they know they are guaranteed the retention of their ridiculous licence fee. This is the fee that pays the thousands of layabouts on the BBC gravy train.

I for one will be voting for an English voice, an English Parliament and an immediate review of the licence fee. Strip down the fat, make the BBC pay its own way and lets get lean and fair once again...

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