Wednesday, 12 August 2009

Health Warnings on Alcohol

It was only a matter of time. Drunken violence in the high streets on a Friday and Saturday night, a rise in liver disease and more kids in parks sprawling around. Coupled with the latest “research” on oral based cancers and the fact that the current Labour government have done almost nothing but ban things during the past decade, it is hardly surprising that this latest measure is being touted.

Well, of course, we’re all equal now under New Labour, so it stands to reason that we should ALL suffer. Of course, Arthur and Connie having a quiet glass of Chablis with their mid-week jigsaw puzzle are just as much to blame as Jay down in Camberwell with his bottle of vodka in a brown bag. Yes, of course they are...

It’s little surprise that almost every quarter the price of beer and wine seems to increase (I don’t know about spirits as I now get prescribed whiskey on the NHS to help cope with the fact that Gordon Brown is still in power) with the constant stealth rise in taxation. Quite how this is supposed to deter the social detritus from vomiting all over each other on a weekly basis, I fail to guess, but at least we all get to share the punishment. It’s rather like being at school when someone has lost the scissors in the last lesson of the day and the teacher calls, “Now none of you are going until it turns up.” Everyone sits there, gradually melting with the sheer frustrating, indignity and injustice of being blamed for someone else’s sins.

When they started putting the labels on cigarette packets banned smoking in public, it made me want to start smoking, just to spite them. That’s the problem with this government. They can’t govern; they only ever miss the point and control. I would have thought a slightly more creative solution would be to instigate obligatory health insurance for alcoholics and put people in jail who get drunk and break the law.

I remain convinced that if this lot had been in power when Fred West was arrested, they would have banned patios. Let's have an election now, please.

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