Monday, 24 August 2009

Jack Templeman

I will not attempt to reinvent the wheel here and indeed there is an interview on the subject of The Silver Knight on my website. One must consider, however, the hardship that Jack has had to endure beyond that of what would typically be expected. Firstly, both his mother and father having died in quick succession, leaving him homeless and destitute. Secondly, being unfortunate in his acquaintances (I’m thinking Katherine and, to a lesser extent, Sir William Dallingridge). Thirdly,having found himself immersed in the genesis of a conflict that would ultimately last over thirty years and almost bring the country to its knees. Pretty unfortunate for him really!

The key point on the issue of Jack, as I have already stated, is his tender age - being between eleven and fifteen during book one. I am currently writing about his exploits at the age of seventeen, so his progress of character will be closely aligned to the development in narrative. In other words, nothing is set in stone and we'll see how he fares as the books progress!

Anyway, readers are the best judge of these matters and I always look forward to receiving comments back on the book as there is always a new slant that I hadn't perhaps considered - makes it all worthwhile. Remember, you can
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