Friday, 4 September 2009

Customer Service – A Happy Ending

For those of you who are under the illusion that I only ever have barbed words for the service I receive from present day organisations (despite actually working in marketing myself), here’s something to warm your heart.

The other day, I received an email from Nectar – the loyalty card scheme. It stated that I had 480 points and gave me a plethora of suggestions as to where I could spend them. Recalling that I needed some petrol, I passed BP on my way back home, topped up with fuel, thus receiving 30 extra points, taking me over the 500 points threshold required for a redemption voucher. Then, also recalling that a favourite brand of real ale was on offer in the Merry Hill branch of Sainsbury’s, I headed off to recoup my “prize.”

What followed was a succession of bitter disappointments. Firstly, the ale (Butty Bach as it happens) was not on offer anymore. Secondly, I was informed that one had to have swiped one’s card at least twice in a month before points could be redeemed. Thirdly, the points from BP had not yet registered. As a somewhat vicious punch line, I was then stuck in traffic for an hour as two cars had broken down in Brierley Hill.

As you can imagine, a strongly worded email was dispatched to Nectar, asking for some tangible reasons why I should simply set fire to their miserable card and post the ashes back to their headquarters. However, I was pleasantly surprised to receive a grovelling reply, with full details of the actual policy, a full and frank apology and 500 free points as means of recompense.

So, some people do care. Incidentally, if anyone would like to hire me out to handle their written complaints, I am fully willing to quote my time on an hourly basis...

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