Wednesday, 16 September 2009

It is years since I wrote a short story...

Probably well over a decade in fact. Since then, I've tended to either compose the first fragments of an idea for a novel (only to bin it), or draft a thriller plan before writing it. Short stories are fun, but ultimately (I suppose like a game of twentytwenty) they seem to fall by the wayside, giving way to their more illustrious counterparts - novels being the test matches of the book world.

Anyway, not wishing to blather on further, the point is that I have just written a short story for a Litarena short story contest. I chose the offered title of "A Rat with a Sore Ear," simply because...well, I don't know really - it just grabbed me! I must confess, having less time than ever to write at present, I was slightly dubious about spending a couple of hours thinking up something worthwhile, but once I got started the proverbial pen flowed copiously. As someone with a predilection for writing a hundred words when ten will do, it was certainly a challenge to hone my skills and make every phrase count. It is really quite refreshing - you should all try it!

In fact, better still, find a similar competition and enter it!

A Rat with a Sore Ear

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