Tuesday, 20 October 2009

England Injuries

There must be something about supporting England in any sport – you never get to see the first choice line up. Take rugby for instance. With the news that Sheridan and Vickery will be out for over three months, Martin Johnson could almost name an entire first and second choice line up of crocks! How on earth are we supposed to compete?

Too much sport, too much money, too many games.

When I started playing rugby (many years ago now), the England team would be drinking on the way to the game! Never mind Danny Cipriani being fined and dropped for being spotted outside a nightclub at 1am, if that had been fifteen years ago, he’s have been fined for not downing ten pints of brandy out of a hat...

The trouble with professionalism in sport is that you are ultimately dealing with people’s bodies – and people are not machines. There is a limit and that limit needs to be recognised.

Of course, it isn’t helped by the fact that they have to wear skin tight shirts – its interesting seeing how twenty stone props manage to grip each others shirts in the rain – no wonder so many scrums collapse, but still...

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