Monday, 16 November 2009

Should I get excited by a Ford?

I am currently thinking about the prospect of changing my car. Not this year. Perhaps not even next. But at some point in the next eighteen months. Of course, what I want and what I can afford are two vastly different matters (sadly) but I am starting to formulate one or two ideas. Given the fact that I am rapidly turning into a middle-aged curmudgeonly extra from Emmerdale, I have been impressed by a number of 4 x 4s on the market, however, I have also been swayed by the improving virtues of the Ford Focus.

Some models are fairly powerful, comfortable, with all the extras you could want... and yet I cannot allow myself to feel overwhelmed with excitement. Probably a good thing really. Either that, or I'll change my name to Seth.


  1. Go for the 4 x 4 - defo

  2. At least you'll be inconspicuous in a Ford - if you buy a big beast you'll be there for all to see and be signing autographs for evermore