Monday, 28 December 2009

My review of the noughties

This was going to be a “We didn’t start the fire” blog, along the lines of...

Millennium bug, give a tree a hug,

Tony Blair, congestion fare,

Nine Eleven, innocents in heaven,
George Bush...

...but I really couldn’t be bothered (the effort is almost never justified). Instead, I just wanted to convey my amazement that another ten years has passed by. I do realise that periods of ten years are always passing us by, but you know what I mean.

The past decade has been entirely dominated by a Labour Government (much to my distress), the threat of Islamic nutcases, political correctness, global warming, reality television and celebrity-worship

Making money...

JK Rowling

Human Rights Lawyers


Losing money...
Estate Agents



I recall starting this decade drinking from copious bottles of champagne at the house of a very wealthy family (that I would not see again), seeing in the new decade with relish. Within a year I was in Brazil, within eighteen months I was living in London, soon to experience the aftermath of 9/11 in the streets of our capital. Another eighteen months later I graduated, visiting Australia and New Zealand before returning home to sit on the scrapheap of Tony Blair's pathetically devalued education legacy. In 2004 I completed my first novel, The Road to Inheritance, before contemplating a move to Scotland in order to find a new challenge. The challenge was, as it happens, already waiting for me, as the following year I completed the sequel, Raphael, before re-igniting my marketing career in Birmingham. As the decade moved into its second half, I began work upon the first of my historic series, The Silver Knight, with the first book being proofed and made ready for publication towards the end of 2008. I became engaged, married and sold and bought a house. Things very rarely remain stationary...

What would I like to see in the “teenies”?

England to get good at rugby again

The publication of more Silver Knight novels

A change of government

A cap on immigration

An end to terror
Spurs to win the league
The bathroom floor to stop squeaking

You get the idea. Anyway, lets hope Mr Obama and whoever else presides over the globe (Hopefully not Brown) get it right. If they do that, I’ll learn to live with the squeaking floor.

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