Monday, 14 December 2009

This is the news

I try not to watch the news. It depresses me. In any case, I get a gist of what’s going on from the radio and internet throughout the day. Errant speculation and biased conjecture does not interest me. Nor does becoming depressed just before going to sleep. I prefer to watch comedy last thing at night. My wife, however, tends to want to know what is going on, which leads me to relaying the inevitable:

‘More people killed in Afghanistan, More bomb blasts in Pakistan. Some Islamic nutcase has built a nuclear missile in Iran. Riots and killings in Zimbabwe. Global warming is on the increase. Gordon Brown has placed another tax on cars/booze/fun & enjoyment to pay for his budget deficit. Oh, and a couple of innocuous football results.’

I often think about places that never get on the news. South America. Oceania. Antarctica. The North Pole (apart from it melting). Siberia. The Sahara desert. Wales. Let’s hear more about those places – mix it up a bit. I’d watch it then. Apart from Wales.

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