Thursday, 17 December 2009

Will we all end up just staying at home?

I wondered this the other day, and these does seem mileage in it as a prediction. With the recession, many people are house bound as it is, either forced by redundancy, unemployment or by virtue of the fact that they have set up a temporary "cottage industry" at home (using Ebay, Amazon or something similar). The state of the traffic on the roads is shocking enough to force many people to work from home as often as possible - more people use online convenience shopping rather than travel to the shops, which in turn adds more traffic to the roads. Add to that the decline of the Royal Mail (emails and alternative suppliers being necessary), the rise in broadband and other instant technologies and you have a scary shift in behaviour.

Will everything be virtual? Will we all live in tracksuits or pants, never getting dressed, never seeing the sun? I am starting to sound like Ben Elton, I know...

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