Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Royal Mail Part Three - I Give Up...

I would like to end this sorry tale as quickly as possible. I have lost the heart for the fight - you simply cannot compete with people when they show such a lack of human spirit.

Suffice to say that I had a further effort from the Royal Mail in response to my response. It came in a large envelope entitled "Do Not Bend." It was, I hasten to add, bent. Inside was my original map. Folded in half. What our local postman had initiated by shoving it underneath our garage door, their customer service department had finished with their spite and stupidity.

A letter accompanied the mangled map, explaining that they cannot compensate me due to the map having been obtained with tokens. Instead, a book of six first class stamps should appease my "frustrations."
Brilliant. Six stamps - with that I can send post another six objects for them to bend.

For fuck's sake...

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