Friday, 23 April 2010


I read that Nick Clegg believes that we, as Britons, have "delusions of grandeur" and that we should accept our place in the world order. Accordingly to one Liberal Democrat spokesman, we should stop thinking that it is 1945 and that we still have an Empire.

Well! Quite extraordinary it is to think that I have been of the opinion that we have sunk to new depths of insignificance under New Labour in terms of our global status. That I believed that we were an embarrassment during Tony Blair's "puppy dog to George Bush" period - that we need to re-invigorate ourselves as a global powerhouse.

But no. Not according to Nick Clegg. This is a man who believes we should be embarrassed of our past. A man who wants to sell our nuclear defence capabilities short. a man who wants to increase immigration and rid ourselves of our already rotting national identity (remember Blair's "Cool Britannia" crap back in 1997 anyone?). A man who wants us to embrace the Euro and lose our Pound Sterling.

Perhaps we should just change the name of England to "Yoghurtville" then we can all go around eating lentils, wearing plastic shoes and working as "Emotional Consultants" to disfunctional council advisors.

Last one out of the country turn the lights out...

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