Monday, 10 May 2010

Desperate Measures

There was nothing dignified about it. Nothing at all.

A dignified resignation speech usually thanks close colleagues, expresses disappointment and remains understated. But, true to his style as a man desperate to cling on by the finger tips to the slightest atom of power, Gordon Brown has hammered yet another nail into his long-term project, otherwise known as “Operation Ruin England.”

His scorched earth policy has now been in effect for over eighteen months, with the budget deficit and the money markets taking the biggest hit from his appalling selfishness. In a desperate attempt to continue as Prime Minister and keep his party in power, this latest statement has achieved the unsettling of his political opponent David Cameron, by offering a version of proportional representation that will appease the Lib Dems and suit the chances of his own party over the Conservatives. A cynical move? Try this out for size then – by offering what the Lib Dems want, he stands a chance of forming what Alex Sammond as called the “Rainbow Coalition” – in other words a bedraggled assortment of left wing muesli munchers who, with the assumption that Sinn Fein MPs would continue to abstain from taking their oaths, would just about (and only just about) squeeze a majority Government. By doing so, he remains, by default, as PM. This means that he, and only he, can call a General Election. This means that, despite the Tory Party winning 307 seats, despite them having more seats than the Lib Dems and Labour combined, despite nearly 11 million people voting for them, despite 40% of English voters choosing them to govern, despite more people voting for them than the elected Labour Government under Blair in 2005, the Conservative Party will not form the next government. Nor will they be able to contest this result, as only the PM can call an election. Not, at least, until the Autumn when Brown stands down and a new Labour leader is elected. And this is where it really gets good – there is (and he knows this) the distinct possibility that, after having suffered three years of a man who wasn’t elected by either his party or the people of the UK, we could end up with yet another unelected Prime Minister.

Thatcher, love her or hate her, knew when to stand down. Major, as incompetent as he was, offered his resignation. There must be something about the novelty of power when it comes to New Labour that their distain for the people of England really shines.

It is only the Labour Party who consistently inform us that Britain wanted and voted for a Hung Parliament. Bullshit. The UK voters voted for their individual choices. How many people can honestly say they cast their vote for a Hung Parliament? And of those, who can say they are pleased with the outcome right now? Our country is in tatters and Brown has no interest in taking any of the blame – his only interest is in the continuation of his own political party retaining power.

And where exactly does this leave Clegg? A man who a few short weeks ago was a populist of the people – now reduced to clawing after political reform for the benefit of his own voters, despite having been trounced into third place. A man who, despite giving his word that he could not do a deal with Brown, has been having talks on the quiet with the Labour party these last few days. A man whose only aim now is seemingly playing both parties off against each other for petty self interest. A man, who I am afraid to say is nothing short of a weasel.

I wonder what the hoards of Lib Dem fanatics would have said if, true to Proportional Representation, with over half a million votes, 12 BNP politicians had been elected to Parliament last week. I doubt they would have wanted that. Just as I do not want them.

David Cameron – I implore you – tell Clegg to go stuff himself. Bide your time. When the rainbow coalition breaks down into petty squabbles, go in for the kill and crush the lot of them at election number two later this year.

You’ll be doing us all a favour.

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