Wednesday, 25 August 2010

My new car...

I finally bought a new car and being the writer of a blog, I immediately turned my attention to a Clarkson-styled edgy thesis on the performance of said motor. However, I quickly realized that I am simply not cut out for Top Gear. The thing is, I don’t know what the brake horsepower is, what the torque is, how many cylinders it has and any other automotive magingling bollocks like that.

Suffice to say it is far quicker than my last car, it looks great, drives great and feels great. And the thing is that it’s all the boring stuff that really makes a difference! I actually have somewhere to put my coffee in the morning (sad I know). There’s a direct mp3 player input which gets rid of the ridiculous amount of leads and FM transmitter hassle I've had to resort to. It has five doors so I can actually get to the back seats easily. It’s comfortable to sit in and looks amazing.

Am I getting old? At least it’s not a Volvo Estate… not yet anyway

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