Sunday, 14 November 2010

Deer Culling – Some Sense & Nonsense…

I was interested to hear this discussion point initiated on the BBC Autumnwatch program a couple of weeks ago. I knew that it would fuel the imaginations of some people, and here we go…

“I was very upset to hear Chris say deer culling is part of country life!!! Will not be watching anymore until you bring back Bill Oddie. The killing of the Exmoor Emperor was a disgrace!!”

“There are some genuine wildlife lovers around. I get sick of hearing the' they need to be culled brigade'!!! Nature will take care of its own, if only the human race would let it!!! Killing stags to chop of their heads and mount them on walls is disgusting. Must make them feel really big strutting through our countryside stalking and killing innocent magnificent animals!!!”

Then again, there still exist those with sufficient knowledge of the issue and some common sense…

“What Chris said is the absolute truth and I totally agree with all he said. 350,000 deer is an awful lot of deer and just imagine what would happen if we stopped culling?! Within 3 years we'd have over 1 million more deer in the countryside which is already over populated anyway. Don't forget also he did say he thought the killing of the Exmoor emperor was wrong though - he didn't condone that.
Culling is very unfortunate and I don't like the idea any more than most of you but it has to be done and if there are people around, sad cases though they may be, who are prepared to pay huge sums of money to carry this out then that’s the best way to do it. Putting money back into the economy of the countryside where it is badly needed. Well done Chris for being very open and honest on this very difficult subject!”

“Hunting has been part of the country way of life for centuries from the big country parks for the Landed gentry to the lone poacher wanting a rabbit for the pot. The country communities have adapted over the years but still rely on these shoots whether it be pheasants shoots or deer stalking, they bring in a lot of money to the towns and villages that are usually ignored, it is not only the land owner that makes money it is the local communities, the country side suffered greatly when fox hunting was banned, luckily a lot of groups have got around this but a large number were made redundant and some even homeless.”

Of course the main point is this – the fox and the stag have no natural predators in the UK since creatures such as wolves have not been prevalent here for several hundred years. We are the gardeners of the land and we cannot cherry pick the influence we have simply based on the cuddle-factor of the animal in question. A dearth in game-keeping and hunting will only result in one thing – the over-population of certain species that have only increased in number due to man’s influence in the first place.

So the message is - get over it lefties – stick to your lentil soup!

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