Monday, 24 January 2011

Super XV and Mr Cipriani

The wonderful Super XV rugby union competition is due to kick off shortly (now having had an extra team to make up the numbers in Melbourne Rebels). I always regard this as great Saturday morning television, but with the added bonus of Danny Cipriani being added to the ranks at the new club.

Perhaps there is something fitting in the fact that he is joining a team known as “the Rebels” as that is what he has effectively become within the RFU – be it his fault or otherwise. I cannot recall the last time I saw something with such talent, nor am I able to quite forgive the powers that be in the way they have handled him – that is to say, abysmally.

It is true that he sometimes struggle to control a game at fly half and also that he does not offer the physicality in defence of a Wilkinson or Goode. However, it was not his fault that he suffered such a horrific ankle break, nor his fault that he was rushed back so early for the Autumn Internationals that followed. Perhaps a fresh start in the warmer climate of the southern hemisphere is exactly what he needs and if he can reproduce this kind of form, then surely he will start to feature on Martin Johnson’s radar once more…

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