Tuesday, 24 May 2011

The perfect online experience – Mean & Green

I was recently sat at home one Sunday morning, I happened to browse the web for “camo trousers” – as I felt the need to join the TA (not really - I just wanted to take cover whilst stalking cats in the garden)… so I typed in “camo trousers” into Google, and “Mean and Green” seemed to be what I was looking for. I clicked through to the site and was taken to a category page with lots of camo trousers. I clicked on the one in the middle as it looked along the lines of what I wanted and was rrp discounted – but I was still 50/50 when I noticed a Facebook app towards the bottom that had a promotion based around Friday 13th to offer a further 15% off ALL orders, including ones already discounted (this offer doesn’t show at present as it’s expired). I added the trousers to my basket, added the promo code and went through to checkout to complete the order. However, I had a question about the inside leg measurement that I wanted to confirm (but didn’t want to wait for it to be answered unless I missed out on the promotion), so I asked a question and added it as a comment to by basket before placing the order…

So… on the Monday, not only did I receive a dispatch note, I also received an answer to my question, confirming what I wanted to know and ALSO – they added my question and the subsequent answer to the bottom of the product page for future users (like Ebay do). I then received the trousers on Tuesday, well-packaged, neatly presented, with a returns slip, neat catalogue and a thank you note. I then had an email asking for feedback and an invitation to join the email newsletter.

I’ve never heard of Mean & Green before and nor I suspect have many others, so they have to work extra hard to get these things right – which they do. There are a lot of small cogs to this experience, but if you want any outdoors clothes, equipment, or you just want to join the army and need the look – then check them out.

I might order a beret next...

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