Friday, 23 December 2011

Seasons Greetings...

Typically I would have composed this entry many weeks ago, having prepared fully for the entire Christmas duration. Instead you find me lying idly in the lounge, dressed in old clothes whilst a succession of children’s programs play endlessly in the background. A small bottle of beer lies half-empty beside me; it is mid-afternoon.

The truth is that I have run out of steam this year and seek to spend the remainder of Christmas lying on my back with a bottle in my mouth… I did contemplate doing a Channel 4 style review of the year, but even that lost its appeal. Key moment that particularly stood out were the flooding in the bathroom on Black Sunday in June, the Season of Horror when Emie’s teeth decided to defy medical science, the near punch-up with an aggressive bunch of Jehovah Witnesses and my sudden loss of hearing. Actually, having suffered a broken hand, a fractured ribcage, a recurrence of my prolapsed spinal disc and flu into the bargain, it’s been a reasonably unhealthy year. Perhaps the full review would have been a tad depressing…

That said, it has been a year in which a cute little girl has kept us highly entertained and occupied and I have finally completed the first draft of the Quests of the Silver Knight. As I type this, a richly-decorated tree shines its lights upon a host of presents and parcels, whilst the fridge and cupboards are stocked full of festive goodness. So, it’s not all bad.

Anyway, on that note…a Merry Christmas from the authors blog and a happy new year!

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