Thursday, 15 May 2014

A New Series...Twenty Years of Concerts & Gigs

Life. Changes.

It came to a head following Christmas where I realised that with the imminent arrival of my second child I could no longer sustain a house packed full of relics from the past like some melancholy mausoleum. Especially when some of the stuff was worth a bit of money and we cannot afford to move house. So I began the clear-out, starting with a number of old annuals that I knew to be collectible.

Now, I am putting that process into overdrive. Having climbed into our loft last weekend, I practically suffered a panic attack at the state of our erroneous possessions – boxes, folders, bags and compartments packed with stuff that we will never use. Then there is the bigger picture – space – time – money – lifestyle. Yes, I have lots of interests, yes I like reading, watching films and collecting music, but the definition of insanity is to repeat the same thing time after time and expect different results each time. No, things are going to change and I am having a major clear out and will be reviewing the way that we exist. In the digital age, it is absurd that we have every shelf, cupboard, nook, cranny and crevice stuffed with garbage.

Anyway, enough of the dull tough talk. The point here is that I am constantly discovering things that I feel should be shared before moving on. Like a box file of all the tickets I have kept from concerts and gigs over the past twenty years. I’ve no idea why I kept them, and they have gone in the bin (or recycling bag I should say as they are paper and I am conscientious). But I did take a picture of each one and will make a brief effort to document them here.

So watch out for a brief series to start shortly.... 

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