Friday, 4 July 2014

Green Day, 22nd January 2005 – National Indoor Arena, Birmingham

A few days after the magnificence of seeing Duff, Matt and Slash, I have to confess at being a little disappointed with Green Day. For a start it was full of screaming teenage girls and felt more like Top of the Pops than a rock concert! Green Day played virtually every song of American Idiot plus a selection from their previous albums, including “Basket Case” and “Welcome to Paradise.”

For me it was an average gig from a band who were receiving huge adoration for that album at the time (I’m pretty indifferent about it – it’s okay I guess but their earlier stuff is much better). The highlight was when they “made” a band from random audience members, though this has been done more impressively by other more talented bands since. Perhaps their biggest crime was to convince nearly every band for the next decade to make a politically-themed concept album. Yawn.

Incidentally, the "£4.00" on that ticket slip is the booking fee. Not sure where the actual stub went, but it does confirm to me that I should have forged a career as a middle man for live concerts and sporting events - they must make a killing for doing nothing.

5.5 out of 10

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