Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Kasabian, 25th Aug 2009 – Civic Hall, Wolverhampton

What a great gig. I genuinely mean that – if I had to detail the component parts of a great gig this would be it...a really good band who you are looking forward to see, but with no particular expectations with regards to set lists. A venue not too far away. Seats at the top, but still nice and close to the action, where it’s possible to soak up the atmosphere below and casually observe the crowd surfing but without being soaked by beer bottles. A smart bar a couple of metres away. Space in front and behind. Great sound. I could go on – my point is that this was a really good evening in a venue that seems to have received some investment!

The support band were quite surreal (think they may have been French) and played a kind of sixties Zappa-style set. Kasabian were brilliant – played all the best stuff from their first three albums including “Processed Beats,” “Club Foot,” “Reason is Treason” and “Shoot the Runner.” Tom Meighan was excellent – the drummer was excellent, the songs were brilliant and the crowd were great. And I just sat on my backside and soaked it all up.

10 out of 10

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