Thursday, 2 July 2015

Peter White. Astwood Bank, Redditch. #FindPeterWhite

So it would be worth taking a little time to establish the facts – or at least those that I can recall. If Peter happens to stumble across this blog (highly unlikely by accident I know) then I can at least document enough of a profile to allow him to identify himself and hopefully say hello. Or contact the police and report me as a stalker.

Oh god no – please let’s just nip that one in the bud right now. I really am not the internet equivalent of that obsessed fan in I’m Alan Partridge. I’m not going to lock anyone in a cellar and get their face tattooed on my chest. This is purely an exercise and it is not necessarily designed to rekindle a childhood friendship. You can’t even stalk someone who you don’t know and can’t locate...

Anyway, here goes. He must have been born the same year as me – 1980 (so 34 or 35 as of today). From an early age he lived in Astwood Bank near Redditch – initially attending the nursery I previously mentioned in Bradley Green and then on to other schools in the Redditch / Astwood Bank area. He had a younger brother called David and lived in a house with a weird indoor passageway leading round the outside of his house (if that even makes sense). He had (I think) short brown hair, was probably of medium height and now I’m running out of things to say.

He liked all the things I listed in the last post.

I seem to recall his parents were ramblers. But I can’t remember their names.

Ramblers as in walkers, not talkers.

His house also had a lounge. And a kitchen with bar stools... god this is going to be difficult.

Look, just spread the word okay?

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