Thursday, 20 August 2015

Abandon Ship - I CANT find Peter White #findpeterwhite

So, after several weeks without anything in the way of an update, I can conclude that if you are searching for someone with a common name, for whom you lost contact with over twenty years ago, well before the advent of the internet, with no real clues to go on then social media will NOT assist you in your quest to find that person!

Having tried the local schools, they were not able to help and pointed me to Worcestershire County Council. They in turn were unable to provide details due to data protection and therefore pointed me to Redditch Borough Council as the electoral roll might point to his whereabouts. Sadly they have declined to respond and that’s where I left off. Even if they had, I would imagine that the latest roll would be the only visible source and if he moved from the area some time ago, then that would draw a blank.

Remaining options? Appoint a private investigator or draw the experiment to a close. Given that I’m no stalker and this was an exploratory exercise, it’s the latter. Still, never mind!

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