Saturday, 8 October 2016

Mission Somewhat Accomplished #findpeterwhite

Last year I spent several months testing the effectiveness of social media in the modern age in order to attempt to rack down one of my childhood friends who has for many years remained anonymous (even on Facebook). To add complexity to the challenge, he had a reasonably generic name and given that we lost touch over twenty years ago, there was almost nothing to go on.

As such, I gave up on the mission, assuming that he had moved abroad, or changed identity, or more likely had not been aware of my efforts. Perhaps you have to be a famous celebrity in order to garner sufficient publicity, even in this age of open-ended user-generated content.

That was over a year ago. Last week, I happened to find myself immersed on Facebook messenger whereupon I noticed a message request that dated back to May from someone I did not recognise: "I know your Peter White." For the purposes of this blog, let us call her Monica.

What then ensued was a brief conversation (I apologised for my tardy response) in which I established that he is alive and kicking in Redditch and was informed of my best efforts by Monica who had happened on my blog and put two and two together, realising that she knew who I was looking for.

There is every chance that I will not hear from him; had he have wanted to say hello he would have almost certainly have done that by now. However, he apparently recalls much of what I detailed int he blog and most importantly, the power of the internet works for the good of mankind!

It is almost mission accomplished as I have (sort of) #foundpeterwhite 

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