Monday, 12 June 2017

Theresa May - she's apparently not going so I've written a speech for her to use

"I would like to take a few minutes to address everyone in this country. Last week, most of you gave up your time to vote in a general election that I called. I called it in the belief that it was crucial to the success of our Brexit negotiations that we had a strong hand with a large parliamentary majority. Last week, whilst the Conservative Party received the highest share of the vote and by far the highest number of MPs, we did not receive that majority and as such my position and indeed the position of this government has been made all the more difficult.

I would like to make it clear that I take full responsibility for this. Whilst My Corbyn ran a consistent and engaging campaign, I made a number of mistakes and as a consequence did not manage to engage enough voters and in the process caused upset to many who have voted for our party in the recent past. There are those of you for example who were concerned at the plans for social care and our communication around this was poor. Many of you are concerned about funding for the NHS and the education system and we did not do enough to explain about how our approach to these would be costed. There are a growing number of younger voters who have been engaged by the Labour party’s socialist policies and whilst I completely disagree with their economic basis, I have to admit that they have been far more successful in connecting with students on many issues. There is then the matter of Brexit and whilst we have a very detailed plan, we have done a poor job at communicating this and I have to take personal responsibility in not utilising my wider team in this regard. Finally, there is the most important matter of the economy and once again, I have clearly not done anywhere near enough in connecting with everyone on this vital topic.

As a consequence of this poor campaign, a number of our MPs have lost their seats, a great number of Conservative party voters and members are dissatisfied with our performance and more importantly the electorate in generate have been frustrated with an outcome of a general election that does little for any group amongst us. I will, however say this. Whilst his campaign was excellent, Jeremy Corbyn still lost the election and was rejected by a majority of the British people. Moreover, I remain convinced that his social and economic principles of the 1970s would be just as utterly disastrous for the long-term good of this country as they were in that decade. My poor performance should not be used to mask the fact that socialism is a backward step for any prosperous nation and only leads to a spiraling economy, lower aspirations and increasing national debt – all of which would be disastrous for the United Kingdom.

I have formed a government with the backing of the DUP in order to start the important Brexit negotiations that are due to start later this month. They must continue and they will continue as Article 50 has been triggered and the will of the people must be observed. At the same time I am reflecting on the last few weeks and will make the following commitments to you the British people.

  • Firstly, the current situation is of my doing so I shall not resign and walk away. I will work even harder to clean these matters up
  • Secondly, I will press ahead with the Brexit negotiations
  • Thirdly, I will take on board all of the justifiable criticism that has come my way and act upon it both in terms of my own performance and more importantly my approach to forming and communicating Conservative Party Policy
  • Fourthly, there will be no further general election this calendar year. To call one would destabilize business confidence and it is clear that the general appetite for yet another vote in such a short time frame would be limited.
  • Finally, next spring, once the first year of the Brexit negotiations are past I will be calling a Conservative Leadership election. I will be standing in that election and pressing my credentials to continue as Prime Minister but will also openly invite other candidates to put forward their claims. The contest must be open, fair and a proper showcase for the various merits of those standing. Once either myself or a new leader has been elected, that individual will be able to decide if they wish to call another election at that point. That will depend on the status of the Brexit negotiations, the position of the new government in Westminster and the general consensus of the people as to whether they wish to participate in another vote.

That will form the political framework for the next 12 months. Once more, I would like to thank the British people for the time they have taken to participate in the general election and I pledge that will take everything on board to avoid making the same mistakes again. In the meantime I would encourage everyone, including members and supporters of other parties to get behind the Brexit negotiations so that we can look forward to a progressing productively on this front."

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