Monday, 6 July 2009

Book Promotional Woes

I am absolutely exhausted and therefore I am in the process of breaking a golden rule of mine, which is not to allow myself to engage in meandering and pointless waffle about my current state of mind - something other blogs do with irritating frequency.

The point is that I have been engaging in numerous activities in support of The Silver Knight, the first Jack Templeman novel. It is always strange to begin revisiting a piece of work after such time, particularly when one is immersed in another project (namely the sequel!). However, it is all for a good cause, as it will mean further exposure of the book in (hopefully) more outlets.

Trying to do ten million things whilst focusing on a day job is never that easy, but I am starting to see a level of interest in the book - something that will hopefully generate more reviews and discussion over the course of the next twelve months. And by that time, who knows, I may have more news on its sequel...

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