Saturday, 18 July 2009

Circulus -Something good to say about something...

Too often I write about things I hate. Well, not exactly true, as my books tend to be positive in nature, it’s just that I tend to fill the pages of this blog with the tears of my annoyance. So today, I thought Id share some happiness instead.

The new Circulus album, Thought Becomes Reality. Psychedelic medieval pixie folk rock. A concept album about the end of Earth and the journey to a new planet, set to a background of crumhorns, flutes and spangly guitars. Or, at least that is what I think it’s about – it’s always difficult to tell with them as the overall sound is often so bizarre that it sidesteps reason. The thing is that this is a band without a proper record deal or marketing drive and yet they are about a zillion times more creative than anything in the charts at present. There is no justice.

But it is really very good, so you need to buy it. Go on – buy it now.

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