Friday, 24 July 2009

How to Subscribe to my RSS Feeds...

Okay, now I’ve successfully got this working, Id better give you the explanation/instructions/call it what you will. RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication and it's basically a computer-readable summary of the content of a Web page. (It could be just the headlines of the articles on the page, the headlines plus a sentence or two excerpts of the articles, or even the headlines plus the entire articles). The RSS feed is usually depicted by an orange graphic button on the webpage or browser. The real benefit of subscribing to an RSS feed from a site is that you no longer need to visit the site itself to stay up-to-date on what's being discussed - so you can stay current with dozens or even hundreds of Web sites, quickly and efficiently.

So, how do you subscribe to my feed? Well, the feed already updates Twitter, so it you follow me on Twitter, then you already get the links to these postings. However, Twitter is limited by 140 characters, which means you only get a snippet. If you subscribe to my feed through an RSS reader, you’ll get the whole post, each and every time. Lucky you!

Here’s how you do it...

You need 2 things – an RSS Reader and the URL of the RSS feed you wish to subscribe to. Mine is

I would recommend the Firefox RSS Reader (If you aren’t using Firefox as your default browser, then you need to do it immediately as it is a trillion times better than Internet Explorer – although this is another story for another day...)

You can add this feed to the RSS Reader and it should automatically update.

The other way of doing it is simply to go to the url (you are already at my bklog url right now!) and hit the RSS button if installed. This will automatically add the blog feed to your feeder.

Hey presto...

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