Wednesday, 15 July 2009

Ordering books from Lulu - just to clarify

I spoke to someone recently who asked if I could get them a copy of one of my published novels. “Certainly,” I replied, ‘”but you could just order one yourself online.” They then proceeded to state that they could not see the point if it only meant that I had to post the book anyway...

Now, just to clarify,
Lulu is an independent retailer of books. Well, actually they sell online, so they are an e-tailer. But the point is that they print the books and sell them just as the likes of Amazon or Play would. I don’t get involved! You place the order as a normal customer and they print the book and deliver it to your door – I am not contacted during any part of the process!

It may seem like a simple point, but I believe that it is one worth making. Now, you have absolutely no excuse – go and order Daniel Cure novels right now!

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