Friday, 31 July 2009

Postage costs for my books

I wanted to draw attention to the postage costs on the hardback copies of The Silver Knight. As you may recall, late last year it became apparent that the publishers were being held to ransom as all hardcovers shipped from the States, which meant that (for reasons I could never quite define) the postage was somewhere in the region of seventy pounds (Yes, that’s seventy). However, this came down to a more realistic fee earlier this year, albeit with tracking options removed. Not the best situation...

Now, at present, there are four postage options for the hardback. Two are still massively expensive, but they have also added “Economy Rate” at £14.21 and the more realistic “Flat Rate” at £6.46. Although these are hardly likely to break any records for being cost-effective, I think you’ll agree that it represents a huge improvement on the previous options. I will be monitoring this throughout the course of the remainder of this year as I am hopeful that there will soon be a UK dispatch option which will reduce the price yet further.

Of course, if this still proves too much, then there is always the paperback version which is far cheaper postage-wise...

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