Thursday, 25 February 2010

No time - an update

I did my best to exclaim some time again that there would be a dearth in blog activity over the course of the first part of this year and I am glad I did; as, owing to a variety of factors, I have had little time in which to gather my thoughts, let alone type them up into the usual fudged grievings.
At present, my house is ensconced in renovations and the lounge and dining room are covered in sheets, dust, bits of wood and plaster. Many of the other rooms contain the assorted furniture and personal belongings that usually reside in these two rooms and are therefore cramped and unusable. This leaves only a few accessible areas which effectively comprises of the bedroom (so I can sleep) the kitchen (I can eat) and the office (i can work). That's it.

Now, whilst the office does afford me the chance to sit at a computer, the only work I have been churning out has been to do with my job, which I keep having to point out to people is not my writing of novels. The writing of novels (and in particular I am referring to the sequel to The Silver Knight) is currently on an enforced hiatus owing to this combination of factors. I did get chance to do a couple of pages last month, but otherwise nothing has been done since Christmas, which is not my ideal scenario, but there we are.

I would hope that once the Hawkeswell Lodge Banqueting Hall has been completed (my guess would be April), I will get chance to jump back into the writing saddle, which will bring me every closer to the completion of The Quests of the Silver Knight. Closer that is, not complete - for that could be some considerable way off...

Thursday, 4 February 2010

The Dearth of New Blog Entries

You may have noticed a drop in my usual frequency of updates. Truth be told, I have had less time than ever to contribute (which means practically no time whatsoever. Couple that with a million other things that need doing, plus some "issues" that have occurred during the last month, you have the reason for the dearth.

However, the last thing I would do would be to call a halt on this blog just because my time is at a premium. There will come a time when I am offering my daily moans once again, but until that point arrives, you may only be able to expect a smattering each month - if that.

It is also likely that I am about to embark upon a series of DIY/House Improvement projects so subject matter will undoubtedly be in plentiful supply sooner rather than later...
you have been warned.

Monday, 1 February 2010


Thirteen years ago today, I had the honour of playing one of the smallest gigs in my musical career (such as it is). And yet, it was host to one of the most memorable nights the village of Tibberton had enjoyed for years. My first rock band, Ephesia, played at the Bridge Inn.

Having brokered a deal with a landlord who was shortly to be turfed out of the pub by the Brewary, Banks, we issued tickets to over a hundred fellow school-goers. The idea was that drinks would be cheap, the music would be loud and in the event of the cops showing, the bar would be shut down before they could prove that alcohol had been sold.

The sight of scores of teenagers making their way through the Worcestershire countryside was nearly as extraordinary as seeing them crushed against a horse vault pole to stop them charging the stage (by stage, I mean the small restaurant area beside the bar).

We made so much money that we promptly arranged a follow up gig for a month later, after which the landlord was finally ejected and the pub returned back to its "proper ways." Still, the memories were there to stay.

To those who attended "Ephesia and Dying Breed" at the Bridge Inn on the 1st February 1997, may I raise a metaphorical glass to the occasion!