Monday, 26 March 2012

The Phony Alphabet

There is nothing more disheartening than stating your postcode, booking reference, or email address over the phone only for someone to request you deliver it using the phonetic alphabet. And then, when you ignore the request, they start to override you with its pointless gibberish…
‘So that’s alpha, whiskey, tango foxtrot…’
‘No it isn’t. It’s A, W, T, F…’

To those who believe that it helps clarify commonly-sounding letters, I would post the retort that it’s just a lazy get-out-clause for people who mumble or don’t listen. If we all tried speaking properly it wouldn’t be necessary. You tend to get ex-servicemen blathering on about its use in battle, but I’m sure the machine gun has useful credentials in open warfare but that doesn’t make it necessary for a quick phone call to purchase train tickets.

Moreover, why would you got to the trouble of learning the wretched thing when it takes more effort to pronounce multi-syllable words instead of single-syllable letters?
‘So that’s bravo…’
‘No – It’s B for bollocks.’

And who decided on the words anyway? What a stupid bloody array of things to choose!

(Yes, Im back...)