Iceberg – Right Ahead…the achievements of Dr. Robert Ballard and a personal reverie

One hundred years ago, the Titanic sank…twenty-seven years ago, it was found. I must have spent hours reading the pages of a book I had as a child called The Discovery of the "Titanic", an outstanding piece of work about…well an even more outstanding achievement. Dr Ballard really was, in my eyes, the modern day equivalent of Livingston and Columbus rolled into one – not to mention extraordinarily brave as you would not get me into a tiny submarine above land, let alone two miles below sea level!

I would love to sit here and create a full account of what happened and the countless books I have read on the disaster, the inquest and the years of research and discovery since, but I haven’t the time and it has already been done by more knowledgeable people than myself…however, it was the image above that really brought home the chilling horror of that night to me...

For more information there is
Wikipedia, or a dozen of informative sites. For me right here, I would like to condense years of personal interest into this dedication to the memories of all 1,517 people who lost their lives that night, from the boiler men trapped in the compartment as the iceberg hit, to the captain and crew; from the poor men, women and especially children of the lower classes, to those in the upper classes. The RMS Titanic has always been a fascinating story but the danger is that we lose sight of the tragedy – let us hope that over the next hundred years those who died are allowed to rest in peace without further disturbance to their graves at the bottom of the ocean.