Thursday, 25 October 2012

The Quests of the Silver Knight – Out Now!

 To celebrate the 597th anniversary of the Battle of Agincourt (it’s worth doing every year, irrespective of the inconsequence of the number), I am pleased to announce that The Quests of the Silver Knight is now available on Lulu

“At that moment, there was another rustling, this time coming from the hedgerow nearest the wall. They both instinctively turned and, as they did so, their jaws dropped in horror at the sight that presented itself to them. Out of the swirling mists of the graveyard, between two of the ancient ivy strewn statues, came the bounding, vicious presence of an enormous black hellhound.”

It’s usually at this point that I would launch into a full synopsis of the plot and start to rant passionately about this instalment, however, before I do, I wanted to take the opportunity to state that many individuals have tried their hardest – be it directly or indirectly – over the past few years to discredit my work and stop me from publishing. The 477 pages here represents a crushing defeat to these people and, whilst I expect them to languish bitterly and plot for revenge, I cannot apologise for basking in the Agincourt-esque victory…

And onto the book itself…well, it has taken over four years of hard work to complete and is, in my own biased and naturally distorted view, the best publication I have released. We re-acquaint with Jack in the Autumn of 1455 and the novel takes us to the close of 1459 with the country still in the grip of a bitter dispute between the Houses of York and Lancaster.

More promotional activity to follow…so order now for Christmas!