Thursday, 30 January 2014

Parcel2Go...there’s more...(and it's still bad)

So to continue on from that letter (I had to shout several times via email and on Facebook to get a response incidentally), I then turned my attention to the buyers on Ebay, who by this stage had naturally begun to either lodge cases against me or ask what the hell was going on.
Yesterday, one such gentleman informed me that he had promised the picture he had ordered to a local school! I’m not aware of the back-story here, but essentially he asked me if I could restore and reframe the picture and send it back! I’m not a professional outfit – this was something I was clearing out – and Parcel2Go have basically created a complete mess with a knock-on impact simply because they can’t deliver parcels without smashing them to pieces!

The latest situation is that I am left grovelling to these buyers, whilst trying to prise more than a curt “we’re sorry” message from P2G. For the three additional breakages, I have been granted a paltry £17.99 “good will” verses the actual cost that will need to be refunded which is 54.29, leaving me £36.30 out of pocket on items that I was supposed to make money on! Plus of course the stress, the hassle, the inevitable crappy negative comments on Ebay, the disgruntled buyers, the hundreds of children at the school who picture will never be delivered (or if it is it will be in several hundred pieces)...etc..etc..

So come on Parcel2Go – what would you like to say now? Do I get a full refund? Do I get a proper apology without the inevitable tripe about the non-compensation items? Are you going to write personally to the Ebayers I have upset?  

Parcel2Go - my response..

So I think it's only fair to paste my exact response to Parcel2Go here...especially as it got no response:


So let me get this straight...

I place an order with Parcel 2 Go, weighing, measuring and checking that the item is not included in the prohibited list (the only list that is visible during the order process). I then package it up and hand it to a courier. I then heard nothing back for over a week, at which point I contact Parcel 2 Go and am told that it has been broken. I am then told that there is nothing I can do about it. I am also asked if I want it delivered. I then have no option but to register a claim and only when I complain on Twitter is my complaint treated with any degree of seriousness and begrudging I am issued a refund.
During the communications process, I then state that I have got another three parcels booked with P2G and that they too are framed pictures as I placed the order before I was retrospectively informed that glass items are not “covered.”

Now, let us take a brief departure from this story just to pass comment on this specific point. Assuming that P2G are a “proper” courier service, is there any salient reason why you would not cover glass? Is it due to it being dangerous? No, because otherwise it would exist within the prohibited list. Is it because you are more likely to break it? Yes, glass is more brittle than say metal, but if packaged and handled correctly, then what difference does it make? Are they unable to take a little care? Or is it because your handlers are getting through so many items that taking care and speed can’t go together? Well when I moved house I had to shift many items quickly and yet I managed not to break anything. Was that because they were my own things? Probably. But then, if your staff have managed to break 4 different items, all packed up with increasing layers of protection, posted at different times from different places, then surely it suggests that fundamentally your organisation has a serious misunderstanding of how to careful and appropriately handle parcels? Because if your staff, or the staff in the companies you outsource to are incapable of NOT breaking even one out of 4 parcels then I am suggesting that they must be throwing them to each other, kicking them across the floor, leaning on them whilst eating their lunch, stamping on them, and doing all manner of activities that collectively demonstrate that you are not a company fit to be entrusted with the handling of customers parcels. Even if I were sending something robust and seemingly unbreakable in the post such as pair of jeans, I would not want your staff treating the package with the same level of physical force, disdain and contempt as they must have displayed in order to smash four of my pictures to pieces.

I digress...back to the I then take additional precautions to ensure that the items I have already booked with P2G before learning of this misfortune and the apparent lack of cover on such items are even more securely protected, with layers of industrial bubble wrap, extra packaging tape and thick plastic sheeting. But despite my best efforts, these too are smashed to pieces and this time I receive a casual automated message to that effect, instructing me that I am to take my chances with a claim again.

Yet, despite all of this, despite the fact that I still have 3 parcels in transit (one of which is another picture so God help me on that one), you are to conclude that my claim has been rejected due to the content of my parcel not being covered for damage. You then follow up with this pithy statement:

“During the booking process you were asked to check your item against the no compensation and prohibited items list. Unfortunately your item does appear on the link below so we would be unable to compensate for the damage to this particular item.”

To which I have already made the point that you do not make the “no compensation” list clear – the only list clearly shown is the prohibited items list and I know why you do this – as an E-Commerce manager myself I know that by removing or reducing the visibility of less important items that might cause a barrier to conversion, you can increase your number of orders as you can offset any subsequent complaints with your garbled interpretation that the customer is to blame for having placed the order in the first place. In my case, you explained this point to me after I had placed those additional orders.

And, just if that statement wasn't enough of an insult, I am subsequently presented with this:

“We do appreciate the potential repercussions of this incident and we sympathise completely with the consequences of this frustrating experience. However, you have our assurance that episodes of this nature are rare and do not reflect our usual high standard of service.”

1.Rare? RARE? I have placed 4 parcels in your hands and each and every one has been broken? That is a 100% FAILURE RATE! Even if the three other items currently in transit make their way safely to their destination (which as I have already intimated I strongly doubt) then that would still give you a 43% success rate, which is still atrocious, lamentable, pathetic and completely and utterly unsustainable for a commercial organization that describes itself as the “largest online parcel delivery service in the UK.”

2.You sympathise? Really? Have I paid for sympathy or have I paid for my parcels to be delivered? If you sypathised then you would have issued a full and immediate refund followed by a full and frank apology, followed by a full and comprehensive investigation into your operational activity. If most other companies acted in this way, they would be sued and those responsible would lose their jobs.

I could go on, but I have already wasted far too much of my life arguing with you. So I will simply sum up as follows:

I want my money back. In full. Immediately.

I want to know that the final three parcels have arrived safely.

I want a proper apology and not some automated dross.

If this is not forthcoming then I will use all of my powers at my disposal to ruin your reputation through social media and search engine optimization as my reputation on Ebay has been ruined. That includes contacting every single award body you claim to have been successful in and every single press outlet that I have a record of both locally and nationally. As I have already stated, I am an E-Commerce Manager, so these things come easy to me.

Thank you.



Exposing the utter negligence of Parcel2Go...

I will cut straight to the not use Parcel2Go. Ever. Don't visit their website, don't read their reviews, don't consider their service, don't even read their name. Don't even think about them. In fact, if you have never heard of them before and I have just alerted you to their very presence then I might just throw myself off a cliff as means of punishment.

For they are the very worst company. The pits.

Allow me to expand...though I will keep it brief...

I recently sold a number of large items on Ebay, which of which were framed pictures. Owing to their size, I required an affordable courier and Parcel2Go presented themselves at the top of the Google results as the UK's leading deliverer of parcels. I arranged a quote, booked the item and then packaged it up for their courier to collect the next day. The next I heard was over a week later when the buyer on Ebay contacted me to request a status update. When I contacted P2G on live chat they casually informed me that the item had been broken. When I asked "how" they were unable to respond with anything other than the question "would you still like the item to be delivered or returned to you?" Unsure as to how I was supposed to answer that question, I asked what they were going to do about refunding me and they informed me (again quite casually) that they do not offer compensation for glass items.

By this stage I had booked all my other items through P2G, 4 of which were also framed pictures. In despair, I send a rant on Twitter and Facebook and only then (I assume through the embarrassment of me kicking off openly on social media) they begrudgingly refunded me the full amount, explaining yet again that glass items did not qualify for compensation and that they do inform their customers of this during the order process. I disagreed with that statement. Yes, there is a "no compensation" list, but it is hidden away, tucked aside form the clearer information during the order process simply because to draw attention to it would drastically reduce their conversion rates. The E-Commerce Manager in me speaketh out loud...

So you can imagine my utter despair a few days later when I received another batch of automated emails from P2G suggesting that there was a problem with another 3 of my parcels. Again, I contacted them via Facebook and again I was informed that all 3 had been broken. It was actually at that point that they explained that the first parcel had been disposed of by the warehouse such was the extent of the damage to the glass (it had become a hazard).

Amazing. Absolutely amazing. One parcel is bad enough, but 4!

At this point, the communication from P2G becomes extraordinary and I think I can probably only do it justice by publishing the details of this dialogue for all to see. Because it has now become my duty to stop others from suffering in the way that I have (and of course those who have purchased from me).

More to follow...