Monday, 21 March 2016

Sir Legolot’s Castle Part 2

Okay, so I left off last time with some initial pictures of the front of the structure, following a long-winded explanation for my Lego-building revival.

Happily, over the past month I have managed to find some great deals on my new favourite website (no further plugs now – see the last post for further details) and have as such finished the front elevation off with the bridging crenulations in place and second tower fitted out in keeping with the first.

Some highlights in visual form... firstly the addition of a secure iron door in the main entrance

We’ve now got a couple more soldiers stationed (including one with a funky expression that I would describe as being either “aghast” or “insane”) plus Sir Legolot has a horse with red and gold barding...

You can see from the following image that the castle no longer has a staged “2D” appearance as the side wall and rear tower now defines it as a genuine castle keep.

One issue with spending so much time completing a full frontal view is that I neglected to give the interior much thought. As such, I quickly figured out that I was going to be in trouble if I didn’t take the time to rebuild a few of the interior walls with the idea of balconies and rooms in mind. This takes up fewer bricks but it does require some clever thinking to ensure that the floors are supported whilst remaining aesthetically pleasing. Here’s a view of the inside front – the balcony is actually a first floor gallery that links the tower rooms together and will form a view down onto the great hall / throne room below. Still unsure what I’m going to do about the top floor!

Finally, I even managed to think about the stairs and picked up three fantastic spiral staircases off eBay! This rear tower has had to be built with a deeper side wall to accommodate them (and they are a pain to fit securely) but it’s worth the effort as you can see from this ground floor shot!

More to follow next month!