Sir Legolot’s Castle Part 3

I think it’s time for an update on the construction project of the year! The last time I posted, the front elevation of Sir Legolot’s Castle was completed, along with part of the ground floor and the base of the deeper rear tower. Over the past few weeks I have managed to add the second and third levels to the Lego spiral staircase and that rear tower is nearing its full height, so let’s get some pictures on show!

Here’s a guard at the foot of the new tower. The depth had to be modified and so is a little more rectangular than the front two towers in order to accommodate the staircase pieces (Lego spiral stonework was never even on the radar when I was a child – I can’t remember being so excited by a piece of Lego arriving!). The additional leg room has allowed a nice Norman arch to be built which adds to the aesthetics on the ground level.

The rear tower was raised in three efforts – each one focusing on the individual staircase piece to ensure it locked in at the bottom and top whilst having enough light and access. One decision I did make was to remove the necessity to have to disassemble parts of this new tower at a later date in order to lock into the next piece of wall. I therefore put in two hole sections that can be linked with a small pipe – that way I retain the option to open up the back when I finally get round to building it.

You can see from this image above that the access points are lined up to take the next piece of wall with large archways, whilst there are also arches going into the balcony walkway sections that lead to the frontal towers (in other words all levels will be accessible from one staircase). The balcony is still a work in progress but is supported from the outer wall via buttresses and by pillars in the inner court side. I've still to plan the final part, but the King and Queen will have a throne section and that will I think lead into a more ornate “roof style” tower.

It’s clearly still not completed as I’m struggling with the final turret that allows protection when walking out on to the top deck, but I’ll get there eventually…

Next task is to complete the turret then perhaps take a few months off to plan the rear wall, throne section and final tower (The "Eastern Section". Still, it’s starting to look really good!