Absence…Projects & Distractions

I’ve not posted for some considerable time. There are multiple reasons for this – some dull, some more interesting. Firstly, throughout the spring and summer my house was having renovation work (that’s interesting for me, no doubt quite dull for others). When I did have spare time throughout that period it was invariably spent either decorating or catching up with other things. However, I have also been working on a couple of mini projects…

The first is a set of YouTube videos in a series called Gods and Flannelled Fools, charting the history of English test match cricket. The blog for this is available here: https://godsandflannelledfools.blogspot.com/

There are currently ten episodes available (a pilot of the initial pre-test match history of the game and then the first nine actual episodes going from the first test match in 1877 through to the home series against the West Indies in 1963. There are probably another ten or so planned which I will record and produce as and when the time allows.

I’ve also been writing a few things for the first time in a while. Nothing that I necessarily plan to release, but nonetheless it’s interesting and a bit different. Aside from that, it’s all politics really and I cannot be bothered to pollute this blog with pages and pages charting the ineptitude of the political establishment when it comes to the management of Brexit over the past three years. Of course, all that could end in the next couple of weeks (though I suspect not).