Coronavirus Good War / Bad War Cuck List

Very early on in this dreary, depressing sequence of events (remember when Wuhan seemed like another planet?) I made a passing comment aimed at some of the social commentators who seemed to have fallen to pieces at the prospect of a pandemic hitting our shores. It went something like this: "I'm treating this whole thing like a school term - I might end up with a few lines but some people are gearing up for a damn good thrashing." At this, I was encouraged to keep a list of miscreants - hence the "Covid Cuck List."

Imagine the current Coronavirus / Covid-19 situation is a war (oh - and by the way I genuinely resent not being criticised for using war metaphors by the commentariat). Is Andrew Neil having a good war? How about Geoff Norcott? Piers Morgan? (of course he's not - that doesn't require a list). You get the idea.

So what contributes to whether someone receives a good score or a bad score? Well, there are numerous factors. Are they authoritarian when it comes to the lockdown? Do they show curiosity when it comes to the stats and numbers, or do they simply accept everything they are being told without applying any critical thought? Are they comfortable with society being locked down? Do they stop to consider the economic impact? Are they hysterical? Do they turn into Covid Nazis when they glance at a picture on Twitter of an elderly person walking their dog on a remote piece of moorland? Do they retweet Piers Morgan without any trace of irony? And so on.

The first version looked something like this:

A very basic list containing a scattering of all the usual Twitter suspects (mostly of the sound variety). A couple of iterations were quickly made within the first week or so as follows:

At this point, a request was made to separate out the lefties from the "sound" list. As previously, this was an evolving situation:

Initially, I thought I might make a quick list and then move onto other things, but it proved popular. So popular in fact that people now actively request being added to it; and moreover some have actively put effort in to improve their score - almost as if it's a real school! I have also been requested to look at the performance of Conservative MPs during this lockdown period, with particular emphasis on their level of authoritarianism. Given that is still a work-in-progress, I'll post separately on that one...

Here are the latest / most up-to-date score and comments. I'll try to keep this going for as long as it continues to amuse and entertain (and who knows, maybe it will serve to inject some much-needed fortitude into the weak and wobbly through this weird period):