Thursday, 24 July 2014

Metallica (supported by Mastodon, HIM & Machine Head), 8th July 2007 – Wembley Stadium, London

The day after Live 8, Metallica played again at the new Wembley stadium, this time with a handful of support acts similar in structure to the Foo Fighters Hyde park event the previous year. Except that this was a metal gig in an arena. And there were no moronic Australians. Or at least I didn’t see any. 

Anyway, aside from the expensive beer, chips and burgers, Mastodon were excellent, Him were a bit rubbish and Machine Head were fine (although seemed a little out of place). Metallica arrived in the usual fashion to that piece of music from The Good The Bad and The Ugly, opened with "Creeping Death" (at a high volume) and played a really balanced set with tracks from almost all their albums – highlights included “And Justice For All,” “Disposable Heroes,” “One” and the awesome “Orion.”

I seem to recall a rousing “Sandman” followed by “Seek and Destroy” and an avalanche of huge inflatable Metallica balls bobbing around the arena. Incidentally I've deducated one quarter of a mark due to the snidey comment Lars made regarding England’s footballing ability (even though he was probably quite accurate. Maybe I'm still getting over his non-show at the 2004 Download Festival.)

The new Wembley Stadium is huge, clean, modern and overall vastly better than that rotting concrete heap that used to be there. So worth the money in my book.

9.75 out of 10

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