Monday, 28 July 2014

The Sensational Alex Harvey Band, 6th December 2007 – Robin Hood 2, Bilston, Wolverhampton

Not sure what to say here. The Sensational Alex Harvey Band played at the Robin 2 with a Scotsman (whose name escapes me at this moment) taking on the vocal duties from the late Alex Harvey. He was okay but a little bit punk in style verses Harvey’s more theatrical approach.

Anyway, the vocals were not the memorable bit. The volume was incredible, and it was this gig that led me to purchasing a set of professional DJ earplugs for future concerts as my right ear had only just recovered from the Foo Fighters the month beforehand. They arrived on stage one-by-one to open with “The Faith Healer” and if ear damage was not a concern then the volume of Zal Cleminson’s guitar was at an unbelievable level. Ear damage IS a concern, however, which is what led to the venue’s manager approaching him discretely on stage and asking him to turn down a little. He responded by turning it up. An argument ensued. They played “Midnight Moses” and “Compliments to the Chef” and finished with “Delilah.” He then had a complete barny and finished by saying it was the worst gig he’d ever played.  I believe it was his last ever. Not sure if he still wears the face paint, but he did sport it that night.

9 out of 10 (3 point deduction for the ridiculous volume and hissy fit, 2 points added on for the ridiculous volume on reflection. I don’t know what to think, but I’ll make damn sure I sue them if I’m deaf by the age of forty.)

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